Jojo Ans

About What’s the Matter?

These vignettes create a series that plays with the intersections between the physical world and our inner selves. In nature all things break down to common elements, while our emotions, though they correspond with outward things, remain constantly shifting and evading isolation. Yet we feel a convinced understanding when we see certain objects – a rock formation, an accumulation of clouds, an inflated or withering balloon – and the symbols become understanding as our thoughts and feelings are identified. We confront what stands in our way to be conquered. We stretch out beyond the atmosphere. We are brought back, reluctantly, to earth. I task myself to find objects in those moments of identification and empathy, and to transmit the universal life of the moment so that others can live it too.

The works you see have been produced through traditional photographic techniques. I shoot film, make silver gelatin prints, and nothing about the photograph has been enhanced or cropped. These are contact prints, so you are seeing the image in its full size. By cutting up those contact sheets, I have created a narrative series of diptychs and triptychs.

These images are also available as limited editions in enlarged custom sizes.

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